Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

If you’re looking for a tasty chocolate bar with the added benefits of magic mushrooms, then look no further than Mushroom Bar ! Our Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and provide an energy boost when consumed responsibly. In addition, we use only natural ingredients in our products to offer both quality and safety. So give us a try today and find out what all the fuss about this delicious treat is about!


Mushroom Chocolate

A crave worthy chocolate to help you conquer your day. Each rich dark chocolate bar has our popular Mushroom Blend in it. This Limited Edition batch is the sweetest way to enjoy the benefits of the top 10 functional mushrooms.

Magic mushrooms can be eaten, mixed with food, or brewed as a tea for drinking. Mushrooms tend to create the strongest high or “trip” when eaten, but their reported poor taste has resulted in thousands of recipes like mushroom chocolate. Mushroom chocolate refers to chocolate recipes that contain mushrooms. Mushroom chocolate bars are especially common shroom-related deserts that make it easier for users to consume them.

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